Volume is an online poetry space. We aim to publish the best new poetry that is submitted to us. Our focus is on poetry written in the English language, but our outlook is international. We publish works in translation and offer a space for collaborative work between artists and poets and poets-as-artists.

Our criteria for publication reflects our group of editors—who are primarily from the US and UK but have a broad range of interests and influences. We are neutral in our preference for the use of particular forms, styles, and expressions. Our editors are poets and artists who write from a range of stylistic genres; they are also translators of work from Europe and Latin America. We believe poetry is the most intimate form of expression in language and the strongest exemplar of the individual writer and their cultural, social, and political context.

For matters related to Volume magazine, but not concerning individual submissions, please contact the editors at editors@volumepoetry.com.


Madeline Gilmore

Madeline Gilmore was born and raised in North Carolina. Her poetry has appeared in Epiphany, Guesthouse, Vinyl, and elsewhere. She lives in Brooklyn.

Daniel Hardisty

Daniel Hardisty was born in the UK and became a US citizen in 2015. His work has appeared in Poetry London, The London Magazine, Poetry Ireland Review, and The Spectator and on BBC Radio 4. His first collection, Rose with Harm, was published in the UK in 2020 and was shortlisted for the Seamus Heaney Centre First Collection Prize.

Volume is co-edited by Madeline Gilmore and Daniel Hardisty, alongside our editorial team.


John Challis was born in London, UK. The recipient of a Pushcart Prize and a Northern Writers’ Award, his first collection, The Resurrectionists, was published Bloodaxe Books in 2021.

Libby Goss grew up in Stow, MA, and lives in New York, NY. She has a BA in creative writing, marketing, and publishing from NYU Gallatin and an MFA in poetry from Boston University.

Kris Johnson was raised in Seattle but is based in the UK. Her poetry has appeared in Ambit, Poetry London, Poetry Northwest, and The Rialto. She holds a PhD in creative writing from Newcastle University.

Alyssa Northrop teaches at Brooklyn College, where she received her MFA in fiction. Her short stories have appeared in Joyland, Epiphany, Colorado Review and elsewhere. 

Translation Editor
Lauren Peat’s poems and translations have appeared in Asymptote, No Tokens, World Literature Today, and elsewhere. Her writing is also featured in the repertoire of acclaimed vocal ensembles across Canada. She lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she dreams in both English and French.

Art Editor
Jake Brodsky edits art books and lives in New York, NY. He is currently completing his MA in art history at Hunter College.

Social Editor
A native of Fairfax, VA, Emily Yaremchuk holds degrees in English from the University of Virginia and Boston University. Her poems have appeared in The Turnip Truck(s), the Virginia Literary Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, and The London Times Literary Supplement as a winner of the Mick Imlah Poetry Prize.


We welcome poetry (including art-as-poetry) and translation submissions of up to six pages at:


Please include a short bio that can be published alongside your work. We are wide open in terms of the kind of poem we are looking for, so please don’t set parameters on what you might submit to Volume. However we won’t consider work that is discriminatory or defamatory or that advocates for such positions.

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