On “One City Day” and “blue bird”
Chime Lama


My process

Is not methodical.
Is not daily.
Is not boring.
Is not labor. 

My process

Is like a caterpillar inching out of a Coke bottle
(backwards, obviously).
Is like an XXL T-shirt.
Is like a wild tiger.
Teases me.


“blue bird” is the result of a wrestling match with my typewriter (who I have not forgiven). 

“One City Day” was written in one day while walking in a park in Forest Hills, Queens.  It’s something like an arrangement of aphorisms on a page.

Chime Lama is a Tibetan American writer, translator and multi-genre artist based in New York City. She holds an MA in Divinity from the University of Chicago and is pursuing an MFA in Poetry at Brooklyn College. She is currently Co-Editor in Chief of the Brooklyn Review and the Poetry Editor of Yeshe: A Journal of Tibetan Literature, Arts and Humanities. Experimenting with form and technique, she creates visually dynamic literary art. Her poetry won the 2020 Himan Brown Award in Creative Writing and has been featured in Exposition Review, The Margins, Stonecoast Review, Street Cake, Tricycle, and Asymptote journal, among others.

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