Jemima Foxtrot

I am trying to take the recycling out,
rinse used bits of me for future use.
Melt myself down for reforming.
Turn anxiety into a pencil,

shame into a plastic window box.
I have to do it responsibly,
clean every sticky tray,
peel off the film lids and bin them.

I am thinking about communal bottle banks.
You separate the colours, wine and beer,
                enjoying every smash.

I am at a giant party.
Everyone’s trying to burn stuff
yelling fuck the recycling!

I am trying to take the recycling out
but that next Campari spritz,
those little plates of olives
with dinky cubes of feta.
Jemima Foxtrot is a writer and performer from Yorkshire living in Berlin and London. She has written and toured several works for the stage to critical acclaim. Her second collection of poetry will be published in 2022 by Burning Eye Books.

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