What Sound do Green Clouds Make?
Anneysa Gaille

this afternoon at O’s Sunday Bluegrass 
Luna is a shoeless butterfly adorned

with bbq Lays scooting clockwise
beneath the saturated barella

while we calculate how
for a few more weeks we are

thirty-one together
until I promise

not to say she’s small
and divulge a big secret

about milked strawberries
that have lived inside

my throat since it also knew
her sky’s language as well

as our laminated
four-leaf clover still does
Anneysa Gaille grew up along the banks of Buffalo Bayou in Houston, Texas. In 2018 her chapbook, No Such Thing As, was published by the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality at the University of Chicago. She received her Poetry MFA from Brooklyn College in 2021. Now, Gaille teaches composition, creative writing, and English lit courses at Brooklyn College and Baruch College.


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