Tony D’Arpino

the secret nakedness of holly
is the green knight of the forest

comrade planet
common stars

the black spider when attacked
becomes a black hole

holly is the name of a woman
a tree and a drowned village

the cupped hand my
wound my spring

my dead pony my

celyn valley
now a reservoir

one curling leaf
Tony D’Arpino is an American poet living in Europe. He recently won the Winter Anthology contest for his poem “Trees of Iceland” (winteranthology.com). His most recent collection is Floating Harbour (Redcliffe Press, UK). He has poems in the Evergreen Review, Blackbox Manifold, Volume Poetry, the Glasgow Review of Books, and tonydarpino.com. His new book Sky Tree Sky has just been published (January 2024) by Alien Buddha Press.


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