Like this, here comes a new one
Maung Htike Aung

Here it comes again. Newly manufactured dreams.
Snarling on the head of a new year.
But he couldn’t make it—even as a blood-drenched one: 
I think we have shattered light.

There must be a cause that caused flowers to bloom late.
Our whole tribe theorizes and trusts that. 
Love, wars & cancer. It seems that
The sun drags the days back through the holes of a bamboo tray.

The drawback of light is thermal radiation. 
How many pedals of the rose that never flowers 
Have fallen? The double mindedness 
enjoy the scene from the top of a tree. 

What is done not done yet
What is not done is   done 
The rosy cheeked sunset loaded with makeup is so poetic.

But clouds over the sky have horrible   faces.
Maung Htike Aung is a poet, literary translator, and educator from Mandalay, Myanmar. He holds an MA in English from Yadanabon University, and completed an online literary translation workshop at National Centre for Writing, UK. His poems and translations have appeared in local university magazines and Portside Review, Australia, and Wasafiri, UK. 


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