Poem From Back To Front
transl. Nathalia Pereira Jardim

Memory reads the day
from back to front

I kindle one poem with another poem
like someone who lights one cigarette with another

what traces are left
of what we didn’t do?
how do holes work?

we look younger and younger
in photographs

from back to front
memory reads the day
Nathalia Pereira Jardim (b. 1993) is a literary translator and writer. Her credentials include an MA in Portuguese-English (to be completed in 2024) and previous studies in screenwriting at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). Her work can be found in World Literature Today, Stephen Spender Trust, as well as in Brazilian publications. She lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 


Poema de Trás para Frente
Ana Martins Marques

A memória lê o dia
de trás para frente

acendo um poema em outro poema
como quem acende um cigarro no outro

que vestígio deixamos
do que não fizemos?
como os buracos funcionam?

somos cada vez mais jovens
nas fotografias

de trás para frente
a memória lê o dia

Ana Martins Marques (b. 1977, Belo Horizonte) is an award-winning Brazilian author of several poetry collections, including A vida submarina, Da arte das armadilhas, O livro das semelhanças, and Risque esta palavra. Her poems have been translated into English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. This House, published by Scrambler Books in 2017 and translated by Elisa Wouk Almino, is a selection of poems from Ana’s first three books originally published in Brazil.

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