Somewhere Along the Arroyo
Pejman Shojaei

Close your eyes and do you see in color?
Or has the river dried and turned to dust
Our first time going through the arroyo
You were so concerned about poison ivy
Like that time we got lost on the way to the falls
Different from the waterfall that we drove to on that one-way road
I slowed the car and wildflowers filled our windows
Plucked a daisy and let it dry on the dashboard
I’d make posies from the poppies and milkweed on my way to your house
Remember the plumeria from my garden that we gifted your father?
(I wasn’t supposed to come to dinner that night)
We set the table, made the salad, grilled the fish
All the leaves are changing now
I think tomorrow I’ll go for a long walk
(Shift the bones of the earth to make something new)
Like the sea breeze shaping a cypress

Pejman Shojaei (b. Tehran, Iran) is a writer and curator based in Los Angeles, CA. In 2018, he co-published (along with Sming Sming Books) "Tomorrow Is Yesterday's Flower," a box set of three books by artist Miller Robinson. The book includes essays written by Shojaei and Robinson and archives Robinson's exhibition in the 281-foot-long tunnel of the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles.


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