Chime Lama

Since I wanted to get hit by a car, I moved to NYC.

Since she wanted to be a widow, she married an important person.

Since they wanted caregivers, they had children.

Since she wanted to be caught, she left evidence.

Since he wanted to be stopped, he persisted.

Since she wanted to be fired, she did nothing.

Since I wanted to see my nail polish chip, I painted my nails.
Chime Lama (འཆི་མེད་ཆོས་སྒྲོན།) is a Tibetan American writer, translator, and multi-genre artist based in New York. She serves as an Associate Editor of Yeshe Journal, and her work has been anthologized in The Penguin Book of Modern Tibetan Essays and Longing to Awaken: Buddhist Devotion in Tibetan Poetry and Song. Her poetry collection, Sphinxlike, is out now with Finishing Line Press. She lives with her husband and daughter in Rochester, NY, where she has taught Creative Writing at the Rochester Institute of Technology and St. John Fisher University.

Read Chime Lama interviewed by Madeline Gilmore.


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